Our Programmes

If you’re looking for a reliable, efficient and cost-effective roadside assistance programme for your business – talk to us about how we can design one that complements your existing product line with specialised support 24/7, 365 days. Ph Toll Free 0508 697 623 (0508 NZ ROAD)

Whether you have a handful of vehicles or a large fleet, NZRA provides technical and customer assistance for all your motoring needs – cars, motorcycles, taxis, buses, vans and trucks. 

We currently underwrite and provide direct wholesale business to business roadside programmes for many companies, from insurers, brokers and manufacturers, to small boutique brokerages and specialised insurers.

We also specialise in developing roadside assistance programmes for financial institutes and associations and large retail chains through to commercial businesses. We currently manage more than 30 rental car, motorhome and campervan companies as well as the Motorhome Association, Rothbury, Covi and Camper Care.  These specific clients require in-depth knowledge and service coverage in remote locations used by tourists and holiday makers. 

Our roadside support services will take care of your people and vehicles in the event of an accident, breakdown from battery, towing and tyre problems, running out of petrol, lockouts and lost keys.

We also offer a wide range of additional customer assistance services:

• Accommodation benefits
• Rental vehicles
• Alternative transport arrangements
• Vehicle relocation
• Comprehensive accident management service
• Urgent message relay
• Alteration of travel bookings
• Warranty claim management
• Customer assistance programmes
• Marketing support
• Automotive solution services
• After hours services / call overflow
• Call centre programmes
• Lifestyle concierge programmes

Roadside Memberships

Become a member of NZ Roadside Assistance for roadside support that gives you peace of mind. You’re guaranteed a cost-effective, specialised programme with both technical and customer support for private or company vehicles.

Say hello to nationwide roadside assistance you can trust, from an experienced and dedicated team that prides itself on providing fast, seamless service with a smile. Ph Toll Free 0508 697 623 (0508 NZ ROAD)