Business Memberships

Looking for quality, reliable roadside assistance you can rely on 24/7, 365 days?

Talk to us. We specialise in designing customised roadside assistance programmes for New Zealand businesses any size, any budget, any type - nationwide.

Our client testimonials speak fro themselves!

Whether you have a few vans or a large fleet of vehicles, we can develop and manage an automotive solution that guarantees your staff and customers the roadside support they deserve.

Our priority ranked, tiered, expert service provider network ensures the fastest response time in New Zealand (30-40 minutes) so when your staff or customers have an accident or breakdown, they'll know you've got their back with fast, safe, reliable roadside assistance.
Contact us for more information about a roadside programme to complement your existing product line with specialised support when you need it. Ph Toll Free 0508 697 623 (0508 NZ ROAD)

Key outcomes:

Our automotive clients benefit from these outcomes:

  • Better client retention rates.
  • Improved customer. satisfaction.
  • Consistency in dealing with all customer concerns.
  • Real-world data that reflects the experience of policyholders in the field.
  • 24/7 immediate responses.
  • High value yet relatively inexpensive services.
  • Custom industry-focused packages suited to your own marketplace.

Corporate Programs

NZRA would be pleased to meet with you to discuss developing a "Branded" Roadside Assistance program solution for your business.

We can provide expert guidance and knowledge around a Roadside program to suit your requirements.

Roadside breakdown and Customer Assistance programs compliment and add value to your existing products/services, increasing revenue and profits.

NZRA currently provides company branded and or NZ Roadside Assistance branded programs for businesses, from large Insurers to broker networks, vehicle manufacturers and fleets.

We provide 24/7 - 365 days a year Nationwide programs for hundreds of NZ and Australian clients including thousands of customers.

NZRA will act as a transparent partner behind the scenes representing, supporting and adding value to your business and your customers. Ph Toll Free 0508 697 623 (0508 NZ ROAD)

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