Ten Year Anniversary for NZ Roadside!

Posted by NZRA on 10 July 2018
Ten Year Anniversary for NZ Roadside!

Wow how time flies by! Its hard to believe we have now been in business as NZ Roadside Assistance for 10 years.

This is a great achievement and a milestone for us as a business. I am very proud of how far we have come since our early days working from a house in Takapuna, to now owning our own premises housing all our staff and the call centre in Albany.

I would like to thanks all my key staff, business partners and the people that have come and gone over the years, who have supported and assisted in developing the company into what it is today.

Starting out in 2008 with our first client as a small rental vehicle company, to now managing over 200 key accounts from SME's to large corporates.

Thank you very much to our 24/7 Nationwide service provider network who are the eyes and ears of our business out there on the Roadside, we couldnt have done it without you all.

Lastly a big thank you to all our clients who trust us with their brands, business and customers.

We appreciate your custom and look forward to many more prosperous years / decades, partenering with you and supporting your businesses!




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Pre-Holiday Car travel check list

Posted by NZRA on 6 December 2017
Pre-Holiday Car travel check list

Christmas Holidays are fast approaching so here are some of the vital checks for your car before you travel:

Lights and electrical system

* Ensure that all bulbs on your vehicle are in working order to ensure that you can see and be seen.

* Make sure that headlamps are adjusted correctly ensuring that light beams offer adequate viewing distance, but without being adjusted too far upwards, causing visibility problems for oncoming motorists.

* Check instruments to make sure that they give correct readings of speed, and fluid level warnings.

* Check controls and switches for lights, wipers, mirrors and demisters.

Windows and wipers

* Check to make sure that all windows are in a good condition and that any cracks or chips are repaired.

* A damaged windscreen not only reduces visibility, but also limits the windscreen's ability to protect you in an accident.

* Make sure that wiper blades are performing well and making a clean sweep every time.

Wheels and tyres

* Ensure that all the wheels are securely tightened with all wheel nuts or bolts.

* Ensure that each tyre has adequate tread. The South African legal limit is 1mm, but anything below 3mm limits the tyre's ability to function effectively.

* Check to see if your vehicle's tyres are wearing evenly. Uneven wear may indicate a worn steering or suspension component, an over or under inflated tyre, or bad wheel alignment.

* Make sure that your vehicle is equipped with a spare wheel in good condition, and that you have the correct jack and other tools to remove a damaged wheel and tyre.


* Check your vehicle's brake fluid level and top it up if necessary.

* Check that the handbrake is working ocorrectly.

* Ensure that all brake discs, drums and pads are in good condition; performing well and wearing evenly. Perform an emergency stop test in a safe place to make double sure.

* Any uneven wear, strange noises or vibrations from the braking system should be investigated and fixed.


* Make sure that your vehicle's shock absorbers and other suspension systems are keeping the tyres firmly on the ground.


* Test your vehicle's battery to make sure it's delivering the correct output and if necessary, the battery water is topped up.

* Have the alternator checked to make sure it's charging the battery correctly.

Belts and chains

* Check to make sure that all belts and chains connected to the cam, alternator, fan and other components are in a good condition. Broken belts and chains can cause major engine damage.

Cooling system

* Make sure that your vehicle's cooling system especially the radiator and water pump is functioning correctly.

* Also ensure that the radiator cap seals properly and that the coolant fluid is clean and topped up to the correct level.

Filters and fluids

* Make sure that all major filters oil, air and fuel filters are clean and functioning well.

* When you change the oil filter, be sure to drain all old oil from your vehicle and replace it with new oil that matches manufacturer specifications.

* Make sure that all fluids are at their recommended levels.

* Inspect all oil, air and fuel systems (including hoses and pipes) for leaks and fix them before leaving on your journey.

* Make sure that all fuel and oil caps are securely fastened.

Exhaust system

* Give the exhaust system a good once over to check for any leaks. A damaged exhaust system won't only affect vehicle performance and fuel consumption issues, but also poses a serious health risk.

Body panels, mountings and accessories

* Make sure that all body panels, mountings and accessories including tow bars and the trailers attached to them, are properly fastened and secured. The same applies to any load your vehicle may be carrying.

* Check all catches, latches and hinges to make sure that they are secure and functioning correctly.

* Check for damage or rust that could compromise the vehicle's structural integrity.

* Make sure that your vehicle isn't overloaded.

Safety equipment

* Check all seatbelts, as well as airbag settings (in some vehicles certain airbags can be disabled).

* Be sure to have a reflective triangle or flashlight handy to warn other motorists if your car has broken down.


* Ensure that you have adequate car insurance in place, and all support and emergency numbers at hand INCLUDING YOUR NZ ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE MEMBERSHIP!.

Happy Holidays and safe motoring from NZ Roadside Assistance!

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Posted on 6 December 2017

Paul, John and the team at NZRA wishes you peace, joy and prosperity throughout the coming year. 

Thank you for your continued support and partnership. We look forward to working with you in the years to come.

We wish you a safe travels throughout the summer break, we are here 24/7 every day for any roadside breakdowns including public holidays should you need our assistance.







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Youi Insurance Roadside Assistance

Posted by NZRA on 6 December 2017
Youi Insurance Roadside Assistance
6th December 2017
Youi partners with New Zealand Roadside Assistance Limited
Youi NZ today announced it had partnered with New Zealand Roadside Assistance Limited (NZRA) to deliver the national 24/7 Youi Roadside Assistance service.
NZRA provides roadside assistance services to many leading New Zealand insurers, brokers, retail and general fleet companies and the Youi partnership will see NZRA deliver dedicated assistance services to Youi NZ customers.
Youi CEO Frank Costigan said "the partnership with New Zealand's leading roadside assistance provider was in line with Youi's planned market growth and ensures our expanded car insurance customer base is appropriately supported with effective national roadside and accident management assistance." 
"The partnership brings together Youi NZ customer service focus and insurance expertise with the strength of a leading New Zealand Roadside Assistance provider that has more than 15 years experience in the delivery of national roadside assistance services."
New Zealand Roadside Assistance Ltd CEO Paul Gostick said "the NZRA team are delighted to partner with Youi NZ to deliver dedicated roadside assistance services to its customers."
"Our roadside services are delivered by a team of automotive experts that will provide industry-leading national assistance to Youi customers."
NZRA and Youi Insurance will work in partnership to provide additional roadside assistance services to Youi customers including away from home emergency accommodation benefits, extra towing, key retrieval and breakdown services.
Mr Costigan said "the partnership will deliver improved outcomes by ensuring Youi NZ customers are provided with a highly-efficient roadside assistance service supported by leading digital solutions."
"After a comprehensive market review we found NZRA provided the best range of benefits and services for our customers and we are pleased to confirm them as our 24/7 Roadside Assistance partner," Mr Costigan said.
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Merry Christmas from NZRA 2016

Posted on 21 December 2015

Paul, John and the NZRA Team would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Festive Season for 2015!

We would like to thank you for your business and support this year. We look forward to continued business and success next year.

The Team here at NZRA had a fabulous evening at a local comedy show.

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