Corporate Values


"We commit to our customers and deliver what we promise"

Teamwork & Excellence

"We believe in Teamwork and we promote excellence"

Value Creation & Innovation

"We strieve for value creation and innovation"

Respect & Integrity

"We behave respectfully and with integrity"

Why trust NZRA with your business?


We pride ourselves on being the most effective and efficient operations team in the New Zealand market. All of our people who interact with your customers are industry experienced service staff, starting with our world-class call centre operators. This significantly improves the customer experience, facilitates greater interaction with clients and reduces incident rates.


We are trained to focus on providing assistance to the customer by thinking laterally and using initiative. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. This is particularly important when managing the expectations of premium customers, where every interaction is vital. We provide quality solutions that take into consideration customer needs and ensure a positive result.

Service capability:

We are able to provide Nationwide 24/7 - 365 day assistance across New Zealand. Our services can be tailored to meet specific requirements of our customers. We have specialised services across Roadside and the Automotive Industry but also extend to other service and product industries needing Premium Customer Service, such as insurance claims management.


Our services are underpinned with innovative technology to ensure cost effective, seamless operations, for maximum customer experience. Our reports on customer service allow our clients to review and identify potential efficiencies across your operations.


NZRA is the only independent automotive assistance provider in New Zealand. We are not affiliated to any particular vehicle manufacturer, insurer or repairer, which means we offer reliable,flexible services free from potential conflicts of interest. With no obligations to affiliates, you can trust that you are always getting then best support from NZRA.